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When you're discouraged or ready to .... check this out, Recommended by Tricia

A web site for Cross Stitch Recommended by Nancy H
Needle Felted Animals on Pinterest Recommended by Beth​ A

these animals are all made with the felting needle.

Stitch Dictionary - Pintangle
This site is a great resource for how to do stitches and shows many ideas for using them as well. She has a daily stitch challenge/project which is good too. Recommended by Beth​ A
Thought the group might enjoy some of the textures on this site. Recommended by
Beth​ A
A Little Book of Embroidery Basics is just what it says -- a collection of tips and bits of knowledge collected by the author, designed to help a beginning embroiderer with some really basic knowledge about the wonderful world of embroidery in any of its forms, and to encourage an established embroiderer to pursue beautiful stitches. Included are 'The Expert Advises' – invaluable tips offered from some of our teachers! Recommended by Kristeen

and click on the booklet. This is part of the free projects from the Embrioderiers' Guild of America.

Mary Corbett's voided stitching
"Tree of Life" - free pattern for crewelwork of all the provincial flowers.  It was designed for the first EAC seminar in 1975 and was revised for the latest Winnipeg EAC seminar (2013) to include territorial flowers.  The free patterns for both the original and the revised design and threads have been posted on the Winnipeg Embroiderers Guild website.
Turkey Work - to be used with Learn a stitch - Ghiordes knot- thistle. Recommended by Eileen H.
This is an online stitching group - they get a stitch every week to work - many are working on sampler style things. Some of them are lovely. Recommended by Beth A

This is a fascinating site with hundreds of antique booklets ready to download for free. Many techniques and topics - lots of interesting and historical info.
recommended by Beth A
Hand embroidered transfer methods recommended by Beth A
Flowers Pinterest web site on all kinds of embroidered flowers recommended by Beth A
Stitch Dictionary - on each page go down to Stitches by Penny and download the file
Felting criters
recommended by Beth A

The Ros Tapestry in Wexford , Ireland
recommended by Theresa L
recommended by Theresa L - zoetrope

Web sites on Bullion knots recommended by Diane D


Gorgeous Pinterest site on embroidery
recommended by Beth A

embroidery - Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. Read more...
Tangle Patterns: How to draw KLOORZ
recommended by Beth A
Zentangle Patterns
recommended by Beth A

How to make a Zentangle recommended by Beth
Basic but good tips;

Tutorials for many techniques in Embroidery
Stitchin' Fingers: A forum for stitchers, fibre artists, and textile enthusiasts.
Great for the beginner; advanced learners may want to share one of their own tutorials

Embroidery 101 by our own Mary Lou W
and scroll down to the Learn-a-stitch programme of 2011-12 . Here you will find an introduction to Embroidery basics, describing the tools, threads, and materials that we use. There are also links to thread conversion charts.

Blackwork Filling Collection

Blackwork web page
Blackwork Journey by Elizabeth Almond - scan the column on the left and click on "Freebies"

A Blackwork map of Africa

Tips to organize your threads in a set of drawers

Please have a peek at PENNY BEREN's Blog post today (Mar 31, 2015) where she gives us all a WONDERFUL lesson on how to organize your threads in a set of drawers. Studio cleanup in the spring is always on my list (hasn't really happened fully yet but I think about it a LOT)...and these tips are good!

World Quilts: The American Story

a wealth of information can be found on this web page and the resources it links to. A must read.

We have launched our new website, "World Quilts: The American Story". I was fortunate to serve on the editorial team for this project at University of Nebraska-Lincoln's International Quilt Study Center and Museum. "World Quilts: The American Story" is the first in a series of World Quilts modules sharing IQSCM's collections, research, and related resources.The site includes an abundance of links to other resources, including "Uncoverings" articles now available digitally on the Quilt Index.
We've created this website as a place for people to learn about the depth and breadth of American quilt history. Modules on other worldwide quiltmaking traditions will launch in the future.
(An email from: Jonathan Gregory
, International Quilt Study Center & Museum Quilt House, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE)

Mary Corbet

The website’s author is stitcher, Mary Corbet. She covers just about everything in her blog - the latest books, threads, frames, you name it. She shares updates on her progress on various projects and she is currently working on a goldwork ecclesiastical monogram which is stunning. Mary has many tech-nique videos on her site covering a huge range of stitches. The blog is my first go to place when I’m looking for information on anything related to stitching.

I signed up for daily e-mail updates and I am taking an online course from Mary on needle painting. I have to say it’s one of the best organized courses I’ve ever taken.

Mary Corbett's voided stitching visit:

Coloring Book

Beth Abbott came upon this site from a link on Mary Corbett's site - lots of potential stitching patterns here. It is like a colouring book; there are lots of line drawings on just about any topic you can think of.

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