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KHQ Group Quilt: Dresden Plate with Bows, 1989

Our Friendship Circle quilt proved so popular that in 1986, even before it was raffled, we began to make another "Dresden Plate" type quilt. There were still plenty of petals left in the box of hand-me-downs that we had drawn from previously, and members' scraps could be used as well. A soft yellow polycotton was chosen for the background, and a deep blue print for the centre circles which added needed punch to the piece.

We opted to not appliqué a motif in the block's corners as we had on our raffle quilt, but to wait till the top was together, and then do something different. We regretted not having given the Friendship Circle a typical Kingston Heirloom Quilters' elaborate border and were determined to make up for it on this one.

In keeping with the old prints that were used, we deemed this quilt to have a Hammock & Bowknot Border. The deep blue print was used for the bows from which the complimentary bronze/gold swags appear to be suspended; and also for a ½" binding along the swags' lower edge, giving emphasis to the rhythm of the scallops as they swirl around the perimeter of the quilt.

There was a need for the fold fabric to be used somewhere in the body of the quilt' thus the bows. "How", it was asked, "Can we work a quilting pattern around those bows?" It was easy. The quilting pattern made to fill the negative areas, was simply traced up to the bows, giving them the effect of having been dropped in place. This design of feathers and curlicues, is a Kingston Heirloom Quilters original, and was created specifically to heighten the old fashioned charm of this quilt.

Twenty seven members contributed to the 400 hours of quilting on Dresden Plate with Bows. It came off the frame in the summer of '89 and was finished just in time to be entered in the Kingston Exhibition where it placed "first" in the "Special Category for Scrap Quilts".

This quilt was raffled in conjunction with Kingston Heirloom Quilters' Festival of Quilts II held in 1990 and was won locally.

For a more detailed picture, click on quilt.

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