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International Quilt Museum in Lincoln Nebraska

During Covid, thanks to the efforts of Joanna Dermenjian, we discovered quilts made in Kingston, ON on this site, some by our own members: Diane Berry, Phyllis Vanhorne, Margaret Rhodes, Margaret MacLean as well as other Ontario quilters from the 1970's. Look for the search icon at the top right, and type in Ontario or any of the quilters' names.

What it would be like to sew in space? We have the answer: visit this web page! As part of the Royal School of Needlework's 150th Anniversary Celebrations, the first 150 stitches of their new stitch bank have been released with more stitches to be added in the future. Fabulous resource! If you're adding embroidery to your quilts and forgot a stitch, try looking it up here!
Leah Day's "How to clean and oil your sewing machine" tutorial
KHQ on Cogeco YourTV

World Quilts: The American Story

a wealth of information can be found on this web page and the resources it links to. A must read.


We have launched our new website, "World Quilts: The American Story". I was fortunate to serve on the editorial team for this project at University of Nebraska-Lincoln's International Quilt Study Center and Museum. "World Quilts: The American Story" is the first in a series of World Quilts modules sharing IQSCM's collections, research, and related resources.The site includes an abundance of links to other resources, including "Uncoverings" articles now available digitally on the Quilt Index.
We've created this website as a place for people to learn about the depth and breadth of American quilt history. Modules on other worldwide quiltmaking traditions will launch in the future.
(An email from: Jonathan Gregory, International Quilt Study Center & Museum Quilt House, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE)



A library of antique patterns and books. Check the site for list of categories.

This ongoing project is an effort to scan craft pattern publications that are in the public domain, to preserve them, so we can keep our craft heritages in our hands. Most of these scans have been graphically edited to make the images easier for craft workers to see, and to reduce file sizes. They are available, for free, to anyone who wants them, for educational, personal, artistic and other creative uses.
Book showing embroidery stitches used in Crazy Quilts in 1884. Note this is a pdf file.


Canadian Sites  
Pamela Allen - great teacher who has retired

Fibre artist from Kingston ; teaches on line; sells on Etsy Profile of Pamela, a Professional Member of the Canadian Quilting Association; 2015 and earlier blog

Cataraqui Guild of Needle Arts Group of embroiderers from Kingston.
Canadian Quilters' Association (CQA)  
CQA blog ***NEW*** blog for Canadian quilters
Fibreworks Kingston Now run by Bethany Garner; check it out
Kingston Fibre Artists Group Kingston ON
The Quilt of Belonging Several KHQ members help stitch this quilt together in the home of a friend just outside Kingston. Read about our story here. This is an unbelievable Canadian Quilt that is 120ft long and 10.5 feet high! Look for our pictures working on the quilt by clicking on "The Quilt". If you get a chance to see this quilt, do it! The needlework is amazing!
Upper Canada Quiltworks Quilt Patterns & Books by Canadian Designers

Ontario Quilt Guilds

Brant Heritage Quilters Guild Ottawa Valley Quilters' Guild
Caledonia Guild Blog Oxford Quilters Guild
Common Thread Quilt Guild Prince Edward County Quilters Guild
Etobicoke Quilters Guild Quinte Quilters Guild
Halton Quilters Guild Royal City Quilters' Guild
Hamilton Quilters Guild Waterloo County Quilters' Guild
Kawartha Quiltmaker's Guild York Heritage Quilters Guild
Mississauga Quilters Guild  

Other Friends of KHQ  
Greater Moncton Quilt Guild KHQ member fondly speaks of her friends in this New Brunswick guild; they liked the ORT boxes we made for CQA that hold bits of thread and fold up neatly into your pocket!

Other Sites

Leah Day's web site is for those wanting to explore free motion machine quilting. Be sure to check out the 365-design project where you will find over 365 different free motion machine quilting patterns to try yourself including short videos demonstrating each pattern.
The American Quilter's Society  

CQMagOnline for Crazy Quilters by Crazy Quilters

Formerly CQMag, is a quarterly publication with issues in late January, April, July, October. The whole magazine is online, current issues and past, at NO charge. If you're into Crazy quilting, or embroidery , you must take a look! Loved by several of our members.
Electric Quilt Company Several of us design quilts and blocks using a PC computer and this software.
Jinny Beyer Studio Jinny has retired but still has patterns, lessons, quilt tips, and travel on her website. A definite great resource not to be missed. (one of my favs)
Quilters News Network Enjoy quilting and sewing programs 24x7 on the Quilters Network, QNN, from around the world including Canadian programs. There is no charge for this. Site contains many resources. Well worth the visit.
The World Quilt Show Two of our members were juried into the XI 2007 show, Marg Henshaw and Mary Ann McAndrews. Marg Henshaw won Best Handwork Traditional with her "Hexagon Rose" quilt.
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