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KHQ Group Quilt: Pieced Sampler Quilt, 1983

A total of 35 members collaborated in the making of this quilt. The format and basic colour scheme was determined by a quilt committee, and then presented to the membership for approval. An assortment of 40-50 patterns of the specified size were assembled by the committee, thus offering a varied selection from which one could choose.

Each quilter was provided with a swatch of the solid blue and the plain ivory fabrics. They then had the fun of searching out complementary fabrics to use with their blocks.

A great deal of trial and error went into the selection of the green and gold print used in the sashing that separates and unifies the diverse blocks. A line of royal blue piping encircles the body of the quilt and is repeated twice more in the green and gold border deftly tying the colours overall.

This piece contains an abundance of minute detail quilting. Individual designs, chosen to enhance the specific pattern, were used in each block.

Awards of Kingston Exhibition 1983: (1) Best in Category (2) Best of Show

Publications: This "Pieced Sampler Quilt" is featured on the cover of the book: "Classic Quilts", by Ruth McKendry, published by Key Porter Books in 1997.

It is now part of the "Heritage Quilt Collection" that is permanently housed at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University, Kingston , Ontario .

Beginning at the upper left, the blocks are:
Row 1: 1) Indian Trails, 2)Sky Rocket, 3) Night & Noon, 4) Crossed Canoes, 5) Old Maid's Puzzle.
Row 2: 1) Cross & Crown, 2) Queen's Pride, 3) Crosses & Losses, 4) Boxed T's, 5) Dutchman's Puzzle.
Row 3: 1) Victoria 's Crown, 2) Robbing Peter to Pay Paul II, 3) King's Crown, 4)Snow Crystals, 5) Rising Sun.
Row 4: 1) North Wind, 2) World Without End, 3) Barbara Fritchies Rose, 4)Weather Vane, 5) Swallow in the Path.
Row 5: 1) Maple Leaf, 2) Northern Star, 3) The Strawberry, 4) Aunt Sukey's Choice, 5) Jacob's Ladder.
Row 6: 1) Bears Paw, 2) Ohio Star, 3) Puss in the Corner, 4) Jack Knife, 5) Royal Star.

For a more detailed picture, click on quilt.

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