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KHQ Group Quilt: Star Crossed Tulips, 1992
90" x 104"

In 1998 Kingston Heirloom Quilters decided to make a quilt to be drawn for amongst its members, with chances being earned through work on it and other group projects. The Pieced Tulip was selected by vote, from a choice of three patterns, to become our "Member's Quilt". A committee was formed to determine the rules by which one could gain credits towards chances on it. Members would be given one chance on the quilt for every five credits earned.

Shelved until after our second quilt show, this project was finally launched in the fall of 1990. To set everyone off in the right directions, and to iron out any problems that might surface when piecing the blocks, a workshop was held at which each of us pieced one tulip. This was fun and easy piecing, and wit plenty of participation from the group, the required 56 blocks were soon made.

The pallet of prints was selected by the project conveners and all of the fabric was provided by the group. The placement of the colour values is the reverse of the usual treatment for this pattern, causing a secondary pattern of stars to appear where the tulips converge at the corners. To further the confusion, the structural blocks are almost obliterated because of hanging squares that have been pieced into the seams that join them. Each of these squares replaces two adjacent triangles, simplifying the piecing and the quilting.

The "Echoing Hearts" quilting design that flows across both the rose and the green border strips, is a perfect companion for the corded edge.

Star Crossed Tulips was drawn for at KHQ's Annual Meeting in May '92. The lucky winner was one who had earned a great many credits.

This large handsome quilt was shown at Kingston Heirloom Quilters' 1994 Festival of Quilts III.

For a more detailed picture, click on quilt.

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