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KHQ Group Quilt: Star Flower Medallion Quilt, 1996

This quilt came about through a survey taken of our membership that asked which techniques they wanted to learn and what skills they wished to hone. Pattern drafting was frequently requested. Therefore, in May 1993, Mary Ann McAndrews conducted a class on drawing the eight pointed star. Carefully following their leader's instructions, Pieced Medallion Quilt members attending each pieced a five inch star block using templates that they themselves had made.

Blue, brown and tan fabric, supplied by the group (K.H.Q.) had been purchased prior to the workshop. From that a twenty-four inch eight pointed star had been sewn together to become the centre of a wall hanging that would have the stars running around its perimeter. As the small stars were completed and placed around the large centre star, it was suggested that the work be set 'on point' and turned into a full size 'medallion quilt'. That way we could all continue to have fun making stars.

Utilizing fabric leftover from Star Crossed Tulips, and with many hands working, this was soon accomplished. We then saw that the quilt lacked sparkle and had too much negative area in the corners. While playing with different solutions on the quilt pinned to the wall, it was suggested that we put applique in the empty corners. Barbara Reynolds created a five petal flower that became our pattern. Then Jesse Emerson offered us a bright peach print to use for the flowers. It was exactly the punch that the quilt required.

The timing was right for it to be our 'funds for charity' raffle quilt that would be drawn for our next quilt show. Again, many hands worked long hours to get it marked, hand-quilted, and then finally bound. Our efforts were rewarded by the unique and strikingly beautiful Star Flower Medallion Quilt that hung so proudly at our Festival of Quilts IV.

This exceptional quilt was won by Margaret Walker of Kingston. The profit from this Quilt Raffle was split equally between Hospice-Kingston and the Victorian Order of Nurses.

For more detailed pictures, click on quilt.

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