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September, 2005

Contact the Kingston Heirloom Quilters at (khq at

Meeting Dates:

September 6 Executive Meeting October 4 November 8 December 6
September 22 General Meeting October 20 November 24  

Greetings from the President
Donna Hamilton

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to enjoy quilting with your Heirloom friends for another year. I hope the hot, humid summer did not prevent you from enjoying some needlework.

Another wonderful quilt show is behind us. Thanks to all for your contribution. We couldn't have done it without you. A special thank you to all of you who became a convener and helped plan the show. It was indeed a special experience that I hope all of you will have the chance to try some day, if you haven't already. I enjoyed meeting many talented Limestone Quilters, women like Darlene Moritz, Henriette Kilfoyle, Paola Durando, Carolyn Grant, Mickie Beauchamp, Bev Macdonald and Jane Baldwin, to name a few. I'd say that quilting in Kingston is in good hands. I look forward to working together again in the future.

It's time to start thinking about what you will create for our 2008 show! To help you along, your Executive have planned many projects to work on together this year. The details can be found elsewhere in this newsletter. The plan is to have lots to do for everyone on our quilting days. Wehave tried to find something that each of you will enjoy: for both the new and experienced quilter, for those who like piecing and appliquéing, for those who want to make group quilts and those who want to see something "new" for their own individual quilts, for those who want to do hand work and those who want to use their machine. We are also planning guest speakers throughout the year. These will be announced at a later time.

If you come across a technique you'd like to learn or if you've learned a new technique, please share this with one of your Executive. We'll either find a way to put the new technique into our program or have you or someone else teach what you have learned.

I'd like to send a large "thank you" to Fran McArthur for her ideas on projects and invited guests. She has been busy this spring and summer. We will all benefit from her work. She will be living in British Columbia this year. We will miss you, Fran, and hope you enjoy your year.

Be sure to wear your name tag to meetings. You will remember we decided at our May annual meeting on a fine of $.25 for members who forget to wear their name tag. We want our new members to get to know you. Be sure to call any of the people you met at the Quilt Show or those who you know might be interested in joining us. Invite them to a meeting to learn about the joy of quilters and quilting.

Remember to bring any items you've created over the summer to our show and tell. You know we'd all love to see your new creation. See you in September!


Rosalie Gray

As of the May 31 meeting, we have 18 prepaid members. Thank you! I have been able to recruit one NEW MEMBER, but more are wanted as you know. (Regrettably a couple of inactive members have chosen not to renew for next year). Perhaps the promise of a wide variety of techniques/experiences relating to the proposed Block-of-the-Month program could act as an incentive? Talk it up, okay?

Don't forget the earlybird "Free Membership" draw to be held at our Sept. 6 meeting. To facilitate the process, it would be much appreciated if all remaining wannabe "winners"/members would PLEASE bring along a completed "entry form" (see last page of the newsletter), and submit early for soonest-possible results. (Of course all "prepaids" are automatically "pre-entered", and anyone wishing to participate but unable to attend on "draw" date might send entry with a friend or mail it to me. beforehand.)



This year's programs will feature something for everyone - appliqué, piecing, quilting large quilts, small quilts for both experienced and beginning quilters. We will have several projects going on each meeting. The following projects, and their respective convenor(s) have been identified:

•  Primary Colours Quilt - Eleanor Clark
•  Block of the Month - Mary Ann McAndrews, José Roosenmaallen
•  Doors of Kingston - Sylvia Currie
•  Broken Star Quilt - Bea Walroth, Donna Hamilton
•  Nickel Quilt - Claire Upton
•  Baby Quilt tying - Joan Bales
•  Vertical Bar Baby Quilt - Ros Hanes (later in the year)

September 6 th - This will be our welcome back from a restful, and hopefully productive summer. Please bring show and tell and information about your summer's quilting activities. Our social convenors ask that you bring your own mugs to each meeting. Coffe, tea, and perhaps some munchies will be provided. Our librarian reminds everyone to return all items signed out over the summer. Check the list of new books, later in the newsletter, and enjoy the inspiration they provide. If you took home a baby quilt over the summer, please be sure to return it. The Executive will meet at noon . Among other agenda items, they will consider other program presentations for the fall. Many thanks to Fran McArthur for providing us a comprehensive list of options. Anyone who has program suggestions is encouraged to speak with any of the Executive about it.

September 22 nd - Our general meeting will take place at 10:30 AM . Block of the Month will make its debut, and there will be one or more other ongoing projects to keep all hands busy.

October - December programs - to be finalized by the Executive. Once this information is available, you will receive dates and particulars.


Quilts Kingston 2005

It seems a long time ago now, but we all still have many fond memories of a busy three days in May, to say nothing of equally busy weeks and months in preparation for the show. Most regrettably, the most significant award for KHQ members, the Murray Rhodes Award, was not mentioned in the May Newsletter. We are delighted that our Bea Walroth walked away with the honours. The judges remarked: "Once we saw Bea's quilt, there was no question what our choice would be!" Hearty congratulations to one who really personifies traditional hand quilting! And we are equally indebted to Margaret Rhodes for her generous donation of the award to honour her husband, Murray. A most fitting memorial to commemorate his interest, dedication and needling talents. Thank you so much, Margaret.


Donna Hamilton and Mary Catherine Robb

We were sent two thank you notes over the summer that you really must see. Watch for them on our "news" table.

The first was send from Betty Gill, on behalf of the Cataraqui Guild of Needle Arts . She thanks us for the privilege of participating in Quilts Kingston on a beautiful hand-embroidered card. You really must see this gorgeous card! And yes, they want us to keep them in mind for the next show!

The second is a letter and personally made thank you card from Kingston Literacy's staff, students, volunteers, and Board of Directors . The letter, from Martha Rudden, Administrative Coordinator, thanks us for the Schoolhouse Quilt. "Ticket sales reached $4,300." Martha goes on to say: "Everywhere we were with the quilt, people came and admired it. The most appreciative were actual quilters who really understood its quality (its beauty was self-evident). I know I speak for all of us when I say how touched we all were by your hard work on this piece of art, all for us. Rest assured that the funds will be put to very good use." You must take the time to look at the card they sent us. The cover pictures 12 quilts from our show and on the inside is a picture of the Schoolhouse Quilt along with the raffle winner L. Stuper from Kingston, with Fran McArthur, Joan Bales, and two people from Kingston Literacy. Signatures from everyone at Kingston Literacy are all over the inside of the card. Someone wrote: "The show - and this quilt - were absolutely stunning! Thanks"

Don't forget to check these cards out!

•  Mary Catherine reports with regrets the death of Dorothy Brown, one of our members, in the early part of the summer. A card was sent to the family and a donation sent to the KGH Endowment Fund.
•  Diane Berry had an ailing back this summer and she was sent a "get well" card.
•  We are saddened to learn of the death of Fran Hunt's husband.
•  Condolences were sent to Fran and a donation to Providence Continuing Care Centre Foundation.
•  Margaret Mulcair fractured a limb in the early summer and a "get well" card was sent to her.


Visitors to our Kingston Quilts Web Pages are from Around the World
Donna Hamilton

I thought you might be interested in some statistics about our web pages at . In April there were 653 unique visitors to our pages, in May 887 visited, in June 461 viewed the pages, and in July 506 looked at the pages with 204 visitors between August 1st and 14th. The tools available to us tell us these visitors came from as far away as Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Estonia, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the USA . The majority of visitors were from Canada, of course.

These visitors found us primarily through search engines after the show. Before and around the show, many came to us from Canadian and American Quilt Show listings on web pages, from the Kingston Literacy web page, and other guilds' web pages, and search engines.

Last week, Janice VanDijk gave me six CDs with the pictures she took of our show. Thank you, Janice. I will be putting some of these on our web pages during the fall as well as continuing to add the stories of our group quilts. I hope this will continue interest in our web pages. If you have quilting tips or stories and pictures of your own quilts that you would like to see on-line, please talk with me at one of our meetings. These are your web pages. Please help me to continue to make them interesting enough for visitors to return frequently. Who knows, maybe more people will join our group and/or come to our next show in 2008.


Quilt Canada 2006
Donna Hamilton

Donna received an e-mail from Chris Mitchler, Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Quilt Canada 2006 Steering Committee. Quilting guilds in Ontario East are being contacted to see if they are interested in participating in the CQA national conference as volunteers. She would be happy to meet with our group in the fall if we are interested in participating. If we indicate our interest, Donna will contact Chris to arrange a visit from her.


KHQ Library
Mary Ann McAndrews

We recently acquired the following books for our library through donations made by Mary Catherine Robb and our past member, Donna Campbell Lyons.

•  Quilts from Colonial to Contemporary
•  Quilts in America
•  Patchwork and Quilting Book #2 by Kaffe Fassett
•  Quilt and Wear It by Francis Fawenier
•  Cats, Quilts and Crafts by Lavern Langeman
•  Cat Crafts by Dawn Cusick
•  Quiltmaking by Denton
•  Folk Quilts by A. & D. Wiss
•  Baltimore Beauties and Beyond by E. Seinkiewicz
•  First Prize Quilts by Demitra Makris

Also added to our library this year were the following new books:

•  Convergence Quilts by Ricky Timms. This book uses two fabrics (fat quarters) and rotary cut strips to create interesting backgrounds or stand alone pieces.
•  Quiltmaking by Hand by Jinny Beyer. A great book for both beginners and experts. Everything from hand piecing and quilting to advice for lefties.
•  Affairs of the Heart by Fee Rossmas. Appliqué instructions and patterns by a fellow Canadian. Bright colours on black background make this award-winning quilt book worth the read.
•  Focus on Batiks. Patterns and a gallery of quilts using multiple batiks. A good how-to book.
•  Sky Dyes by Mickey Lawler. If you want to make a great sunset sky, this is the book. Using fabric available locally, a plain white piece of fabric can be transformed.
•  Quilt of Belonging. This is a beautifully photographed book with wonderful stories about the creators, the inspirations, the techniques and history of each country and aboriginal bands represented. Be sure to read the careful thought that went into the creation of the Canada block.


Hand Quilting Service
Donna Hamilton

The following message was sent to our e-mail from : Thought you may be interested in our hand quilting service. Our quilts are featured in the May and July 2005 issues of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Expert Hand Quilting and Finishing Service. Have your treasured quilt top completed! You've created an heirloom, so trust us to finish it for you with wonderful, even hand quilting. We have hand quilted for some of the best. 23 years of experience with the greatest attention given to detail, quality and satisfaction. Usually a six month or less turnaround. Prices vary for each quilt since the cost is determined by the following: marking and top preparation, backing and batting, total yards of quilting thread, binding and laundering and shipping costs. Please visit our web site for further information and contact me for your hand quilting estimate. Signed: Georgina B. Fries, Bellwether Dry Goods, P.O. Box 6-137 Bayard Road , Lothian , Maryland 20711 , U.S.A.


A Bus Trip

The Westside ( Kingston ) Women's Institute is sponsoring a bus trip to the Federation of Women's Institutes of Ontario Premier Quilt Show in Mississauga on Saturday, September 17 th. The fare of $35 includes round trip coach transportation, all taxes and admission to the Quilt Show. Payment is due in full to reserve a seat. Contact Penny MacNaughton. Sylvia Currie has details of the itinerary and an application form.


Wanted to Purchase

Lorna Grice is interested in purchasing a used copy of the book Stars in the Garden by Piece O'Cake designs, Inc., Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. Contact Lorna or speak with her at the meeting.


Upcoming Courses/Activities

Textile Arts Program at St. Lawrence College, beginning September 15 th as either a fall Thursday evening course or alternately, a two-weekend program. Further information is available at , or by contacting Bethany Garner.

Fibreworks Kingston weekend workshops for the fall:
•  Lorraine Roy , "Tree of Life", October 14 - 16
•  Dianne Gibson, November 11-13
For further information or to register, contact Hilary Scanlon or Bethany Garner.

Nickel Quilts Club monthly Sunday afternoon meetings, starting September 18 th . Members will make their own bed-sized quilts based on patterns in Nickel Quilts books. Contact Bethany Garner for information/registration.


Upcoming Events

Sept. 9-Oct 20, The Quilts: A Breast Cancer Support Project, Casa Loma, Toronto . Auction and reception on Oct. 20. Contact: .

 Sept. 10-11, Quinte Quilters Guild's "Kaleidoscope of Quilts" at the Quinte Curling Club, 246 Bridge St. East, Belleville. Sat. 10 am-6 pm , Sun. 10 am-4 pm. Admission $5.

 Sept. 16-17, 1 st Annual Impressions Needle Arts Show, Coliseum of Stratford Fairgrounds. Quilting, rug hooking, cross stitch, needlepoint, sewing, knitting, crocheting and more. Contact: Debbie

 Sept. 16-18, Quilts, Quills & Bears, sponsored by Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario at the International Centre, Hall 1, 6900 Airport Rd. , Mississauga . Fri. 12-8pm , Sat. and Sun.10 am-6 pm. Admission $15, seniors $12, advanced $10. Contact:

 Sept. 22, 1000 Islands Quilter's Guild features Pamela Allen presenting a lecture and trunk show, 7 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion, 180 Park St. , Brockville.

 Sept. 23-24, Arnprior and District Quilter's Guild, Christian Education Centre, 257 John St. N , Arnprior.

 Sept. 24-25, Yorkshire Rose Quilters' Guild presents "Fall to Pieces" Quilt show and Sale 2005 at the Scarborough Centennial Recreation Complex, 1967 Ellesmere Rd. , Scarborough . Sat 10 am-5 pm , Sun. 10 am-4 pm .

 Sept. 30-Oct 2, Waterloo County Quilters' Guild presents " Celebration 2005 - Quilt Show". Contact: .

 Nov. 12, Small Quilt Sale sponsored by the 1000 Islands Quilting Guild at the Brockville Rowing Club, 1 Ferry St . Tea Room 11 am-1 pm , silent auction bid closing times: 12:30 , 2:30 and 4:00 pm . Admission: Loonie donation to charity.

 May 21-28, 2006 , Quilt Canada , Algonquin College , Ottawa .

Send questions and comments to: khq at
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